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The Affordable Care Act brought about aggressive changes in the healthcare delivery system. Those changes include moving from fee for service to a value-based program, Hospital Acquired Condition Reduction Program (HAC), Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP), and the adoption of Electronic Medical Records.

The Providers have been burdened with adopting these new programs and still maintain their robust patient load.  Furthermore they are confused why their patient treatment was assigned a HAC when in fact they treated the patient aggressively and made them better.  Why are their quality scores worse than their colleagues when in fact their practice focuses on a very complex patient population versus their colleagues practice?  HQM Consulting has deep respect for our physician colleagues and can provide tools and processes to increase their quality reporting metrics.  Patient’s now can look up your ranking and your scores should reflect how well you care for your patients.

As if these programs and initiatives weren’t enough to adopt, implementation of ICD 10 October 2015 was equally overwhelming.  Many private practice physicians sold their practices, stopped accepting Medicare patients or just retired because the investment of time and money was cost prohibitive.  ICD 10 requires more specificity for the coders to code the medical record and physicians were burdened with learning what these new changes were for their practice as if they weren’t already spending the lion share of their time as data entry technicians.  HQM Consulting can provide viable solutions to streamline the provider’s workflow process.


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