Understanding the Fiscal Year 2019 Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program

The Hospital VBP Program goals include to improve the quality, efficiency, and safety of care that Medicare beneficiaries and all patients receive during acute care inpatient stays, as well as improve their experience of care during hospital stays by:

( https://cms-ip.custhelp.com )

Reducing errors should be paramount for any organization. AN important step would be developing a portal for staff to report errors to the Safety Department. It is important that the error is reviewed by an outside party that can objectively review the error and make recommendations to mitigate future errors with similar properties: nursing errors.

Hospital VBP Program: An estimated budget-neutral program Funded by a 2.00% reduction from hospitals’ base operating DRG payments Total value-based incentive payments estimated at $1.9 billion for FY 2019 (https://cms-ip.custhelp.com)

Based on the Hospital's score, the funds are redistributed to the hospitals. The actual amount earned will depend on the range and distribution of eligible & participating hospitals’ TPS scores for a Fiscal Year. Fiscal year 2018 began October 2018 ends September 2019.

Minimum Data Requirements:



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