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Nursing leadership manages the largest and most expensive labor force in the hospital.  When there is reduction in the hospitals reimbursement the finance department looks to nursing leadership to eliminate positions.  When you downsize your nursing staff, you place your staff at risk for making errors and in turn potentially harming your patients.  Eliminating nursing positions isn’t the long term solution.  HQM Consulting's strategy includes Nursing because they have a major role in patient care and in the quality metrics.

HQM Consulting's team starts by performing an audit /assessment to establish a baseline and uncover trends to be further investigated.  The methodology we like to use is Root Cause Analysis (RCA).  RCA is process that uncovers why a problem occurs.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) uses Root Cause Analysis to analyze the cause of all commercial airliner crashes.  

RCA is now widely deployed as an error analysis tool in health care.  A central tenet of RCA is to identify underlying problems that increase the likelihood of errors while avoiding the trap of focusing on mistakes by individuals.

Our focus is on the process that failed the individual(s) involved in the error.  By focusing on the system failures you empower staff to come forward sooner when a suspected error has been made.  The goal is to reduce the errors and increase positive patient outcomes. 

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