Our Mission:

Ensure Hospital Sustainability. HQM partners with clients to generate positive results, so they can better serve their patients and the community.

The Alchemy of Reimbursements: Increase reimbursements while decreasing denials & HACs

HQM Consulting is a boutique firm that employs highly capable professionals with expertise in revenue cycle. The focus of HQM consulting is working with client so they can better manage the challenges of 'Value-Based Purchasing'. HQM will team with executive leadership to attain fiscal and quality goals for the fiscal year.

The Value-Based Model is assigning accountability to providers/healthcare organizations for the services provided to their patients. The value based model are designed to shift financial accountability away fro payers to healthcare organizations. This leaves many hospitals and providers seeking guidance in how to align their revenue cycle management strategies with value-based reimbursement arrangements.


The first are to explore is whether your physicians and nurses are following evidence based practices across the organization. Implementing standardized care, can reduce cost in delivering quality care. The data collected will ultimately identify those cases that are outliers. Those outliers are the ones that will drain your resources.

Robust Revenue Cycle Management that includes the Clinical Documentation Improvement Program. If your organization doesn't have a program, HQM can provide the road map to implement a CDI program. If your CDI program is not performing, HQM can evaluate the current program and provide solutions to improve the team's performance.

No program achieves success without a highly competent team of professionals. HQM feels strongly investing in the people, improving the staff's knowledge while improving processes so the team can be successful!


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